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Why Is It Important To Monitor The Traffic Statistics Of Your Website

Websites Are More Popular Than Ever With the help of online platforms, anyone can publish content and share it with the world. We see countless new websites being created daily that occupy space in the internet’s vast library. While these websites may be interesting, valuable, or inspirational for some, they fail to achieve longevity due […]

Why Am I Not Getting Traffic To My Website?

Your Website Is Not Ranking in Search Engines There are hundreds of things you can do to fix this problem, but only one thing that will really work — getting your site indexed by Google. If you have followed any of my other writing, you know that I focus mostly on WordPress sites. But if […]

How To Get Website Traffic Data

Identify Your Target When you’re trying to get traffic on your website, you’ll want to know who your target is. Who is it that you want to reach and want to convert into a customer? This may be people who are in the market for the same product or service that you are, people who […]

Where Is My Website Traffic Coming From

Create a Website When you work to promote your business, part of the process is creating a website. If you’re in the marketing industry, you’ll need a website to promote your business. If you’re a consumer, you’ll probably want a website to learn more about your industry, find a product, or to purchase a product. […]

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